Screaming Sky

Nathanael Thayer Moss

My work investigates ideas of perfection and simplicity through esoteric design and repetition. With the restraint of a controlled palette, the work evokes contemplation and promotes meditation on the objects; attempting to bend the rules of formulaic restrictions and expectations by balancing design and chaos. In many ways the work alludes to the potential of our daily routines and the subtleties surrounding the decisions that shape our lives, emphasising a dedicated repetition of a particular thought or idea. Using the illusion of perfection as means of guidance and challenge, the obsessive repetition creates platforms to reflect philosophies and personal growth.

About Us

Screaming Sky is a locally owned and operated art gallery and retail space. Our gallery exhibits work by artists from around the world, encompassing media from conventional painting and drawing to collectible vinyl records and toys. Whether on a wall or a turntable, we aspire to make art accessible to everyone.