Screaming Sky

Color Ink Book - Volume 18 (Eighteen)

Volume Number Eighteen: This volume features works by Angry Woebots, Podgy Panda, Mr.Toast (Dan Goodsell), Bruce Parker, Bigfoot, Colby Sunshine, Poleta, Teodoru Badiu, Chris Dyer and Jerome Lu (Hyperactive Monkey.) Yet another Brothers Washburn Production!!!!! The sixteenth volume of the color optional, DIY Art Periodical. Color Ink Book is a black and white art periodical, which is published in limited quantities quarterly; showcasing both established artists as well as fresh faces. The volumes are printed on 60 lb Endurance Vellum Offset Book paper, to offer the reader the option to color the work showcased within: thus bringing the art enthusiasts and artist together!!

About Us

Screaming Sky is a locally owned and operated art gallery and retail space. Our gallery exhibits work by artists from around the world, encompassing media from conventional painting and drawing to collectible vinyl records and toys. Whether on a wall or a turntable, we aspire to make art accessible to everyone.