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Kimberlin Co. - "Forget Me Not" Spoon Ring

"Forget Me Not flowers symbolize true love. They are the official state flower of Alaska. And as the name suggests, they are often given or used to decorate gifts with the hopes the recipient will not forget the giver. These flowers have accumulated a good deal of legend over time. One of the best known stories is of how it got its distinctive name. It is said that a medieval knight walked near a riverbank with his beloved. As they walked, he slipped into the water and could not get out because of the weight of his armor. As his love wept and tried to pull him from the water, he handed her a bouquet of small, true blue flowers and whispered, 'forget me not.'"

Made by Eric Kimberlin Bowley. "I make heirloom rings from antique silver spoons."

• Sterling Silver

• Reed & Barton

• Forget Me Not

  • • Issue Date: Circa 1958
  • * Photo of Spoon Represents One of the Spoons This Series Was Made From *

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