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So1o 2uo 3rio: Small Studios - Great Impact

In today's highly competitive creative industry, designers and artists are using all different tactics to pursue their own work interests and remain true to their vision while still maintaining their economic independence.

So1o 2uo 3rio, a new title from Victionary, takes a look at 30 international design studios that are run by no more than three creative professionals.  The creative dynamic of these small studios is fascinating, and interviews with the designers reveal helpful details about the creative process, studio organization, time management, ways in which each project is launched and pursued to completion, and the challenges faced when creating top-notch design work and competing with large design agencies for important briefs.

This personal look into these highly productive studios is accompanied by vivid selections of their top-tier design projects in areas from print to packaging, identity conception, poster and book design, web design, and more.

• Contains three paperback books in a slip case

• 256 Pages

• 7.75'' x 10.25''

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