Screaming Sky

Sprocket Rocket Camera - Black

Launch yourself into a new Lomographic experience with the astounding Sprocket Rocket.  This 35mm compact camera boasts a super-wide angle lens for panoramas and is the first analogue camera to be fitted with a reverse gear, allowing you to rewind and remix your photos!  Get photos with an unmistakably analogue look by exposing the sprocket holes, those little perforations which run along the edge of 35mm film rolls.
Package Includes: 
• The Sprocket Rocket Camera
• The Sprocket Rocket Lens Cap
• Tripod/Strap Screw
• The Booklet
• Instruction Manuel
• Sprocket Blocking Frame



About Us

Screaming Sky is a locally owned and operated art gallery and retail space. Our gallery exhibits work by artists from around the world, encompassing media from conventional painting and drawing to collectible vinyl records and toys. Whether on a wall or a turntable, we aspire to make art accessible to everyone.