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Jolby - The King's 6th Finger

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This utterly charming tale relates the story of King Mortimer, a royal plagued by Obsessive Compulsive Disorder who only finds comfort and ease by surrounding himself with the number 5 — be it 5 knights, 5 moats or 5 points on his crown.  

One day he awakens to find that he has grown a sixth finger!  Woe is he!  His wizard is quick to suggest a remedy, but not one without risk.  In a state of crisis, he takes advice from far and wide on how to achieve this cure.  In turn, a jester, a gypsy, a professor and others present plans increasingly unlikely and complex.  Driven to despair, epiphany is at last reached — perhaps his condition is not half so bad...

Beautifully illustrated in full color and with wonderful rhyming verse, The King's 6th Finger will appeal to all ages.  Published by Gingko Press.

• Hardcover

• 42 pages

• 54 color illustrations


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