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Miss Van - Twinkles


By Miss Van (Author/Artist)

This is the first book by Miss Van, which covers her works from Stole Heart (2008) to Twinkles (2010). "By painting a world of tears and masks" - as Magda Danysz writes in the book's introduction - "Miss Van has always centered her painting on the feminine, autobiographical, figure. Miss Van's art carries a lot of symbols in form of flowers and animals. In her Twinkles series Miss Van has used a lot of flowers, from green soothing large plants to intense red, almost sexual, exotic flowers. Miss Van's visual form, recognizable in the fact that it is insisting on color, vitality and beauty, shows that life is always worth living - no matter how painful it can be. The bright colors of this multicolored world reflect the joy of it all".

Miss Van has gone from painting the curvy, enticing pin-ups in the street of Toulouse, to painting the melancholic and subtle works of this new exhibition. Her various travels and encounters have enriched her already complex world. Thanks to her past exhibitions in Barcelona, Los Angeles, San Diego, Mexico, London and Paris, she has found many new sources of inspiration. Not only has she been influenced by the contemporary artists with whom she has shared many privileged moments, she has also borrowed the techniques and subtle lighting effects of great artists of the past, focusing her work more on the quality of her painting and less on self-asserting herself as is common in street art. With this new series she has undergone a beautiful evolution towards a more mature and refined style of painting, without ever losing touch with her street art origins. Miss Van once again exhibits a melancholic collection of paintings. As always women are the center of attention. By adding a generous dose of coquetry and mischief to the ingredients of her work, she manages to bring out all the glamour, sensuality and sparkle of the female character she has created.
  • Hard back
  • 88
  • 19X24 cm

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