Screaming Sky

Visions from Within the Mechanism: The Industrial Surrealism of Jeffrey Scott

Jeffery Scott's mind-bending book of photographs quickly sold out-both the limited hardcover and paperback trade editions.  Now, a mysteriously altered second printing of the paperback edition is being offered. Several of Scott's older images have been replaced with popular new work including two of his Alice in Wonderland portraits.  Jeffery Scott is a photographic liar whose digitally manipulated images cross boundaries and bend perceptions.  Ranging from classically theatrical to contemporarily horrific, Mr. Scott's images are a visual odyssey through a landscape where vintage technology and modern machines blend seamlessly into a world inhabited by strong individuals and damaged souls.  For mature audiences.  Published by Baby Tattoo Books.

• Paperback

• 96 pages

• 10.8" x 8.2"


About Us

Screaming Sky is a locally owned and operated art gallery and retail space. Our gallery exhibits work by artists from around the world, encompassing media from conventional painting and drawing to collectible vinyl records and toys. Whether on a wall or a turntable, we aspire to make art accessible to everyone.