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Whet My Appetite

For many of us, eating out is one of the supreme pleasures in life. The experience exposes us to the talents of a legion of chefs and entrepreneurs who find fulfillment in creating subtle and original experiences for our palates. This consideration does not stop at taste, but extends to the other senses as well, providing new combinations of form, color and texture that can comfort or tantalize. This can also be true of the design of restaurants.

Through the skillful actions of designers, a brand’s aims can be met as the overall experience is enhanced. For the eateries profiled here, every decision is deliberate and a part of the whole brief — from interior graphics and signage, to menu, packaging and utensil design.

Whet My Appetite presents the crème de la crème of recent design for restaurants that are pushing the boundaries of taste.

• 240 pages, Hardcover 8 1/4'' x 11'' (210 x 280 mm)
• 800 color illustrations, English

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